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APC handles large wind power project


The Project Department of APC Asia Pacific Cargo handles their largest wind power project to date, when they,  early November,  undertook the handling and shipping of ten 3MW wind power turbines , including wings, towers and foundation rings, from China to Sweden. The total shipment, carried on a chartered vessel, has a volume of to close to 50,000 cbm, and a weight of 5,000 tons. The sea voyage is expected to take 40 days from Jiangyin port, close to Shanghai, to Karlshamn port, in the south of Sweden. The turbines will then be taken by land, and erected on a site 40 km south west of Kalmar city.

Last year, APC handled two 3 MW wind power turbines from the same supplier, Sinovel,but to a different buyer in Sweden. That time, the turbines had to be re-loaded in Antwerp, using smaller coasters capable of navigating the canal into the Vänern, in order to get as close as possible to the site, located 30 km north east of the city of Karlstad.     

Each unit are among the largest ever erected in Sweden, with wings measuring 55 meters in length, mounted on a tower, 95 meter high. Each Nacelle alone has a weight of more than 120 tons, that has to be hoisted into place, using one of the largest mobile crane available, with a capacity of 700 tons.

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