- All Your Shipment Information In One Place -

APC FlowControl is an internet-based IT tool that organises all information related to your order in one place.

Apart from the Track & Trace capabilities and Order Management features, APC FlowControl can provide you and your partners with a wide range of statistical data on your freight movements - statistics that may assist you in identifying strengths and weaknesses in your company's distribution system.

APC FlowControl will also allow you to monitor suppliers' performance and improve quality standards, as well as to identify and deal with potential problems before they impact significantly on your business.

The system presents live data and gives you access to track shipments, declarations, orders, accounting information, container availability and warehousing inventory. You have the ability to search by a number of criteria and drill down into detail.

Below is listed the different modules within the APC FlowControl system. 

APC QuickSearch

- Quick and easy Track & Trace without login -

You can easily track your shipments directly from APC's web pages, without having a personal APC FlowControl account. Simply enter your shipment number or HAWB number and press the search button.

APC Search

- Advanced Track & Trace with detailed shipment information -

Our tracking module is APC's powerful search engine, directly on top of our operational systems. The module offers correct and updated shipment tracking with a large number of search criterias available.

Sample search criterias include:

  • Customer number
  • Shipment number
  • References
  • Order number
  • Waybill number
  • Date criterias
  • Categories
  • Locations


APC EventManager

- Let the information come to you -

Regular shipment status reporting on predefined milestones such as Pick Up, Customs Clearance, Re-Loading etc. You decide when and what the system should report on.

A completely customized web-tracking-workflow can be setup together with APC and our partners.

Automatic generation of alarm messages by e-mail or fax. For example, you may receive notification that a consignment is failing to meet its scheduled routing or arrival time, or if the number of items in the consignment no longer matches the waybill or the order.

APC ReportManager

- Extract and report on all shipment related data -

Provides regular integrated reports on the end-to-end success of each shipment, electronically generating an extensive audit trail of each logistics process, creating a high degree of visibility into the history and success of each job for our customers.

Data output formats are available as PDF, Spread Sheet, XML or any other format. All reports can be customized to fit your individual needs.

APC OrderManager

- Planning, tracking and delivery of orders - 

Automated purchasing administration, including racing and receiving purchase orders and order confirmations.

When the order is placed the details can be recorded, these details include order line details and planning information. Once the order arrives it is attached to a shipment, the shipments tracking dates are then displayed on the order management screen so that you can easily monitor the status of the shipment. 

NEW! Online Booking

- Enter your orders online -

Send your orders via the internet and receive your tracking number automatically.

For more information on our IT tools, please contact APC Logistics IT department.


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